Stay Mobile at Home — Four Fun, Engaging Activities

Posted on August 25, 2016 · Posted in Grand Oaks


A healthy body makes for a healthy mind, and staying mobile as you age can mean fewer health problems down the line. However, being active doesn’t necessarily mean you need a gym membership or fancy equipment. There are several simple and effective ways to get moving without leaving the safety of Grand Oaks.


With these exercises, there’s no need to overdo it. Stretching is an excellent way to maintain or rebuild elasticity in areas that may normally feel tight. Stretching exercises have been proven to increase flexibility, improve circulation, improve posture, improve balance, and release stress. The key is to hold each posture for at least 30 to 60 seconds. Try adding a few stretches to your daily routine to gain amazing mind and body benefits. Utilize the green space in the Grand Oaks courtyard or try these exercises in the privacy of your room.

Wii Sports

While it is a video game, Wii Sports has in fact been proven to burn calories and increase mobility, if only by a little bit. The game is highly interactive, promoting teamwork and improving reasoning skills. You can play your favorite sports, from boxing to tennis to bowling, at home and in the air conditioning. The game can also be played standing up or sitting down, making it the perfect activity for people of varying physical abilities. Check your Grand Oaks calendar for weekly scheduled Wii Sports events.


Walking is an ideal physical activity that can benefit both the mind and the body. Walking has been proven to reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, prevent falls, and reduce stress. Incorporate a 30-minute walk into your daily routine. This doesn’t require traveling anywhere special—walk through the Grand Oaks courtyard or take a turn inside to visit with friends. Walk at whatever pace feels best, modifying the exercise as much as you need.


Moving to music is a fun way to stay mobile from the comfort of home. Turn on your favorite song and groove around while you do everyday activities or when you just want a reason to dance. Another way to stay active with music is to learn or relearn an instrument. Playing an instrument is a great way to keep your upper body active and your mind engaged. Play one of the Grand Oaks baby grand pianos or check your Grand Oaks calendar for Exercise Sit & Fit and Just Dance with Maria or Juliet.

*Ask a health professional if you are uncertain about the level of physical activity suitable for you.