Four Important Benefits to Medication Management at Grand Oaks

Posted on February 7, 2017 · Posted in Grand Oaks

Modern medicine has provided us with a multitude of treatments to medicate a variety of illnesses. While this progress is remarkable, it also means that many of us take several types of medications at once. Keeping track of numerous prescriptions can be quite difficult, especially for the elderly. At Grand Oaks, we offer medication management to assist residents with the complications that come with juggling prescriptions. Here are four reasons why medication management can benefit you or your loved one.

medication management

Relieves Both Patient and Family of Stress

Medication management eliminates the stress of you or your loved one memorizing dosage and prescription schedules. At Grand Oaks, a Nursing Supervisor can keep track of medications and their specific instructions as a level of care. You or your loved one’s level of care is determined by ongoing assessments and communication between the resident, their family, and their physician.

Leaves Less Room for Medication Errors

Oftentimes, seniors can have a handful of prescriptions to take at any given time. This can be confusing and can result in medications being taken improperly, which could lead to adverse side effects. With medication management at Grand Oaks, residents’ medications will be closely monitored, leaving less room for error.

Someone Will Monitor You or Your Loved One’s Condition

When taking medications, there’s always the risk of unwanted side effects. Medication management at Grand Oaks means not only will a professional be around to manage prescriptions, but they’ll also be able to observe you or your loved one’s condition. They will be able make note of any side effects or changes in a resident’s wellbeing and inform their physician when necessary.

Someone Will Advocate for You or Your Loved One

Communication between seniors and their physicians can be challenging. Misunderstandings may arise if problems or side effects with medications are not properly communicated. If your or your loved one has medication management at Grand Oaks, a professional will be there to advocate and confirm that the physician fully understands what a resident is experiencing.

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